The CNA Mandate

Cosmetic Nurses want recognition that they too hold specific skills and expertise in the area of Cosmetic Medicine. Much like a nurse who can specialise in emergency medicine, midwifery, or oncology.

It is the mandate of the CNA to develop the Best Practice Standards that will provide a training and education pathway to advance the skills, expertise and safety practices of Cosmetic Nurses.

Why sign up to the CNA?

  • The CNA will work towards the formal recognition by AHPRA of Cosmetic Nurses as a specialist group.
  • The CNA will enhance the profile and reputation of Cosmetic Nurses.
  • The CNA will advocate for Cosmetic Nurses.
  • The CNA will develop practice standards in aesthetic cosmetic procedures to guide the delivery of quality and safe clinical services.
  • The CNA will provide educational opportunities for Cosmetic Nurses to ensure clinical skills and knowledge is world-class.
  • The CNA will educate patients on how to choose an appropriately qualified Cosmetic Nurse to ensure their safety across all treatments.
  • The CNA will work in partnership with Medical Practitioners and the relevant medical bodies to ensure the focus of non-surgical cosmetic treatments remains seen as medical procedures.
  • The CNA will provide Cosmetic Nurses with a plethora of clinical skills possibilities, thereby enriching their career pathway.
  • The CNA will draw attention to providers of non-surgical cosmetic treatment who fail to follow sound corporate and clinical governance guidelines and best practice standards.
  • The CNA will facilitate networking, research, and publications.
  • The CNA will provide membership benefits including discounted products and services to assist members with their business.

Register for membership

Full Member $99 per annum

A Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse who is an Australian resident and authorised by the National Law to practise non-surgical cosmetic medicine, and who fulfils the requirements for membership as approved by the Board.

Associate Member $590 per annum

An individual who does not fulfil the requirements of a Full Member but is someone, either a medical professional or otherwise:
• Who is involved in the cosmetic medicine industry.
• Who is working towards becoming a Cosmetic Nurse.
• Who employs Cosmetic Nurses.

Associate Members will be assessed and approved by the Advisory Committee to ensure they are engaged in activities consistent with the objectives of the Association.

If you would like to apply for membership but are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID, please send an email to