Changes to S4 medications
Media Release

NSW Discussion Paper about proposed amendments to the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation of products used in cosmetic procedures.

Did you know that the NSW Government is currently considering measures that would create a sub-class within the S4 medications for cosmetic medicines?

Doing so will give the NSW Government room to legislate rules about how this sub-class can be administered.  Something that has already happened in Tasmania, where the government now requires a medical practitioner to be physically present when a nurse administers S4 medications for cosmetic purposes.  Telehealth is no longer deemed appropriate in Tasmania to administer cosmetic medicines.

We would encourage you to read this discussion paper and show your support for the profession of cosmetic nursing by joining the CNA join today.  It is only with a united voice that represents the majority of Cosmetic Nurses in Australia that we can have real political sway against such anti-competitive legislation.

If the changes in NSW legislation happens it will not be long until other states do the same thing.

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