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A Cosmetic Nurse is a highly trained professional who has sought to specialise in their practice in the field of cosmetic treatments.
They provide an essential service to patients who want to enhance their physical appearance.

Before agreeing to undergo a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, we would encourage you to take our quick quiz to ensure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Injectable Cosmetic Treatments

Injectable cosmetic treatments include anti-wrinkle injections for the treatment of fine lines including frown lines and crows feet.

Dermal fillers on the other hand work to plump the skin and are ideal for restoring a loss of volume. They can be used in the cheeks, under the eyes and lips.

Injectable treatments are also used to melt fat such as under the chin.

Use our member directory to find a Cosmetic Nurse qualified to perform your injectable cosmetic treatment.

Skin Treatments

While injectable cosmetic treatments can help your skin look taught and plump, skin treatments are essential to improve the overall look of your skin including diminishing pigmentation or getting rid of blackheads or reducing the size of your pores.

Skin treatments can include chemical peels, dermal rolling and micro needling or microdermabrasion.

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Laser Treatments

In combination with your skincare routine, it is very common these days to be having more intensive treatments such as a Fraxel, IPL or BBL to help keep your skin looking flawless.

In Australia, there are no nationally uniform laws and regulations with oversight of the use of lasers intense pulsed light (IPLs) and light emitting diode (LED) phototherapy in the cosmetic industry. Requirements are determined by the state or territory jurisdiction in which the business practices.

Before agreeing to a laser treatment, you should also ask your treating Cosmetic Nurse about their training in performing your procedure, what risks are involved and, in the case of an injury occurring, what their emergency treatment protocols are.

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It can be overwhelming when you are walking the aisles of your pharmacy or beauty store trying to find the right products to suit your skin type or concerns.

But it is important, when parting with your hard-earned cash that you are investing in products that will work.

The skincare industry is littered with options and you certainly do not want to switch between products or brands at the risk of flaring up or aggravating your skin, especially on your face.

That is where the services of a Cosmetic Nurse can come in very handy to guide you on the right products that will give you longevity of your in-clinic treatments.

Use our member directory to find a Cosmetic Nurse who can help suggest the right cosmeceuticals for your skin type and concerns.

Making a complaint about a health practitioner – AHPRA

To ensure you are in safe hands, your Cosmetic Nurse should be a registered health practitioner. But that still doesn’t mean non-surgical cosmetic treatments are without risk. If you have a concern or complaint about a health practitioner, visit the AHPRA website’s Make a complaint page for more information.

Legal Waiver

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