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Changes to the CNA Membership Fee

Members are the backbone of the Cosmetic Nurses Association, which is why we have introduced changes to the CNA membership fee.

The premise of the Cosmetic Nurses Association is to be the voice of all Cosmetic Nurses in Australia.

To be truly representative, the CNA Advisory Committee firmly believes it needs to have the majority of Cosmetic Nurses as members. Hence, on 1 July, the Committee voted to change the membership fee to $99 per annum to encourage more Cosmetic Nurses to sign up.

The CNA was established as a premium, not-for-profit organisation that wanted to achieve big things in a short amount of time.  Establishing the CNA in this way would have required a significant financial output, funded by members, which would have included the appointment of staff, legal representation, advocacy experts, and medical writers, to name just a few.

We believe we set out to achieve a lot quickly and were reliant on membership fees to accomplish these goals. But, unfortunately, the uptake in membership is not where we were hoping it would be by now.

When we launched for membership in November 2020, the CNA Advisory Committee set our annual price at $790. Our Advisory Committee set this price after careful consideration of the amount of work we wanted to achieve, the cost of launching a website, and the legal fees associated with setting up a not-for-profit organisation, as well as funding our advocacy efforts. It was in unanimous agreement that the Advisory Committee saw value in this price.

Since then, feedback from Cosmetic Nurses was that the annual price was too high. We listened to this feedback and introduced a monthly payment of $75.  Still, the sign-up numbers were not where we needed them to feel confident that we represented the majority of Cosmetic Nurses in Australia.

To get the uptake we initially sought to achieve, we are now offering a heavily reduced membership fee of $99 to show how dedicated we are to become the peak body representing the voice of all Cosmetic Nurses in Australia.

What has the CNA done with membership fees so far?

The CNA launched in May 2020 in response to the under-representation of Cosmetic Nurses throughout the COVID closures. Our initial efforts included drafting a White Paper to the federal government explaining the role of Cosmetic Nurses and why we should be separated from the beauty industry and preparing a COVID infection control guideline.

Since that time, we have kicked some big goals. These goals include being invited to Tasmania to consult on changes regarding Cosmetic Nurses with the Tasmanian Department of Health. We received acknowledgement from AHPRA and many of the other key industry bodies in the cosmetic medicine field on our formation. We created guidelines on various aspects of cosmetic nursing for our members. And we appointed a law firm to draft our submission to the NSW Government regarding the proposed changes to S4 Medications in NSW.

We launched our website and became open for membership in September 2020. We have established ourselves as a not-for-profit organisation which means that we have zero commercial interest in benefitting financially from membership. We have also negotiated corporate partnerships with key industry suppliers and education providers and made ourselves available to represent the voice of Cosmetic Nurses at crucial political and educational opportunities.

Our focus and objective in all that we do are to advocate and represent Cosmetic Nurses in Australia and promote excellence in public safety.

How much is the cost of an annual membership now for Cosmetic Nurses?

We hope that our new membership fee of $99 per annum will allow all Cosmetic Nurses to join the CNA regardless of their work situation (as an employer or independent nurse).

We are confident that the CNA is affordable at this price and offers excellent value to Cosmetic Nurses in Australia.

What happens to those who paid the annual membership fee?

We are incredibly grateful to those Cosmetic Nurses who trusted us from the start and invested in protecting their livelihoods by financially supporting the Cosmetic Nurses Association. In recognition of their commitment to us, we have offered everyone who signed up as an annual member lifetime membership.

What happens to those who paid the monthly membership fee?

For Cosmetic Nurses who chose to support the Cosmetic Nurses Association through monthly membership, we honour their commitment by transitioning their fees paid to date to credit to the membership for future years.

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