Meet the Advisory Committee

Sheri-lee Knoop RN — President

Diploma in Nursing

For 30 years, Sheri-lee has specialised in Cosmetic Medicine, starting her career in London, and owning and running a clinic on the prestigious Harley Street. Sheri-lee was one of the first trainers who helped to launch Hylaform and Restylane in Europe. She now runs her own successful business, Cosmetic Images, in Perth, WA, providing non-surgical aesthetic treatments to an extensive list of loyal clients.

As one of Australia’s most experienced Cosmetic Nurses, Sheri-lee has been called upon to trial and assist in launching many products into the Australian market. She has also participated in various advisory boards over the years. Currently, Sheri-lee is working with the AMAC, AMI Masters training for Allergan and Aesthetics 2020. She has a passion for training and education and lifting industry standards and is regularly called upon to speak at local and international aesthetic conferences.

Jacinta King RN — Chair

Bachelor of Nursing

Jacinta’s extensive leadership and management skills were initially developed as an Officer in the Australian Air Force. Since then she has worked in senior roles within Queensland Health instrumental in the planning and commissioning of the newly built 750 bed Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Jacinta has been a Director of her own cosmetic business since 2016 and more recently is a treating senior nurse at Artisan Aesthetics Group. This experience demonstrates a confident leader and businesswoman, with professional communication abilities and an ability to collaborate and lead multidisciplinary teams.

Mike Clague EN

Bachelor of Science

Mike’s first qualification was his BSC, majoring in anatomy at Monash University. In this course, Mike gained a vast insight into human anatomy and physiology through comprehensive theoretical work, and in practice by performing many dissections of cadavers.

Mike began his career in medical aesthetics with Allergan, the makers of anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, being educated on techniques from some of the best injectors globally throughout a six-year period. Mike worked with Dr Mauricio De Maio, Dr Michael Kane, Dr Ava Shamban, Dr Mary Lupo, Dr Alastair Carruthers, Dr Jean Carruthers, Dr Herve Respaldo, Dr Steven Liew, Professor Greg Goodman and many more talented ‘OG’ doctors. Basically, he learned from the best of the best.

Thereafter, an imperative part of Mike’s experience came from his yearly training at Allergan and for a further for 2 years, Mike managed the entire training process in Australia and New Zealand encompassing the launch Juvederm for which he was the National Clinical Manager.

Since, Mike has performed over 40,000 injection treatments through a career spanning 18 years for both his own practice, Facelove and for multiple other clinics including Professor Greg Goodman AM’s Dermatology Institute of Victoria.

In the past 18 years, Mike has trained over 4000 doctors and nurses in the art of injecting both muscle relaxants and dermal fillers across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Malaysia and the Philippines in addition to consulting for such well-esteemed companies as Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Galderma Pharmaceuticals and Croma Pharmaceuticals.

Mike is published in 7 peer reviewed medical journals. The most notable of which is the first reversal of blindness caused by dermal filler by injecting hyaluronidase deeply into the supra-orbital notch . Notably, this is now accepted as the gold standard for hyaluronic acid dissolving in a visual disturbance event after many other repeated cases vs the inferior retrobulbar injection.

In terms of his practice, Mike is passionate about natural, undetectable results for all of his patients, placing great importance on safe realistic and reliable outcomes.

Nicole Schmid-Sanele RN

Bachelor of Nursing

Nicole attended the University of Western Sydney where she graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing and Health Science. Nicole has worked as an Intensive Care Nurse specialist at one of Australia’s leading hospitals with a post-graduate certificate in Inten-sive Care Nursing.

Over the past ten years, Nicole has specialised in aesthetic nursing. As the Director of Nursing and Clinical Education at Juv’ae, she now trains and educates Doctors and Nurses all around Australia in the use of Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler treatments. She is an expert in the art of facial rejuvenation and beautification. Nicole is highly sought after by cosmetic injectors and clients alike for her natural facial techniques and her professionalism.

Jessica Maggs NP

Master of Nursing

Jessica initially trained in Victoria as a Registered Nurse and, after a period in general nursing, focused on cardiac care. Following this, Jessica undertook a role as a Sales Executive representing the manufacturer of a range of high value Cardiac Imaging equipment. It was during this time that she completed her MBA in entrepreneurship and strategic management. Jessica found her MBA equipped her to develop strategies in the areas of sales and customer support as well as the ability to communicate focused marketing and sales strategies.

Later in her career, Jessica completed a Masters of Nursing Practice becoming one of the first in Victoria to be a qualified Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner.  Jessica finds immense fulfilment in restoring her client’s confidence in their appearance.  She enjoys the challenge of combining her extensive knowledge of anatomy with the right artistry, technique, and product to bring about a natural and refreshed appearance.

Hannah Rivers RN

Bachelor of Nursing

Hannah Rivers is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in both the Emergency Department and the cosmetic medical field. Hannah began her career working throughout Adelaide’s busy metropolitan hospitals within the burns’ unit, intensive care unit and the emergency department. She has since progressed to become a senior member in the medical emergency and resuscitation team within Adelaide’s hospital network. Hannah has been a Registered Nurse since 2014 and a cosmetic injector since 2017. She is the owner of her own clinic: SELF Cosmetic Science, based in Adelaide. She excels in natural enhancements and thread lifting techniques and is a strong advocate for nurses’ rights. Hannah is passionate about making progressive change and fighting for all cosmetic nurses in Australia. She believes that through education, empowerment, and solidarity that this profession can gain the respect and recognition that it so deserves.