Founding Members

The Cosmetic Nurses Association Founding Members

The CNA founding members are Ms Melissa Isaia, Ms Nicole Schmid-Sanele and Dr Dennis McCurdy. They took on the financial investment to establish the governance structure required in setting up a not-for-profit organisation.

The founding members currently sit on the Board of Directors.

The founding members are long-term cosmetic medicine industry veterans and established the CNA to represent the interests of Cosmetic Nurses in Australia.

The CNA operates under a Constitution with an Advisory Committee that set out the standards and educational expectations of someone who calls themselves a Cosmetic Nurse.

The CNA will have a dual role:

  • To provide services and support to all its members.
  • To promote and support patient safety in non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

The CNA will provide a range of benefits to members, including educational opportunities, business support and best practice guidelines, clinical guidelines, and access to a range of lucrative industry connections and discounts.