Cosmetic Nurses Association: Informed Consent

The purpose of this guideline is to detail the role and minimum requirements of telehealth consultations for cosmetic nurses.

This guideline is applicable to cosmetic nurses providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments within Australia.

Telehealth consultations must comply with the guidelines on cosmetic medical and surgical procedures published by the Medical Board. Under these guidelines a mandatory consultation must occur before a medical practitioner prescribes schedule 4 cosmetic injectables, either in person or by video consultation.

It is expected the telehealth consultation comprise of:

  • A formal handover from the nurse to the medical practitioner: introducing the patient, their medical history including allergies, medications and any medical conditions.
  • Nurse to explain details of the current treatment plan, including future treatment plans.
  • Nurse to explain details on if the patient has received a similar treatment in the past including any adverse reactions to previous treatments.
  • Nurse to ensure informed consent is obtained prior to telehealth consult.
  • Nurse to ensure medical practitioner speaks to patient via telehealth and allows patient to ask any questions of the medical practitioner.


Medical Board of Australia (MBA) (2016). FAQs – Guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures.